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Europe’s Top 5 Opera Houses

Teatro di San Carlo Taking a trip to Italy for their glorious opera house in Naples is not to be missed. As the most seasoned in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, San Carlo is a genuine sight to be seen. The theater was amazingly inherent just a large portion of a year […]

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Sydney Opera Transforms To A Spectacular Live Motion Picture

Every year, the Sydney Opera House hands over its famous sails to craftsmen who use projectors to energize a Michael-Bay-commendable blast of hues over its skin. The impact is the incredible blend of the world’s best visual specialists wielding the world’s most intense devices in CGI. This year, the distinctions went to the expansive scale […]

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Operas You Didn’t Think You’ve Already Known

If “opera” brings a picture of a fat woman singing and sends you fleeing, you’re passing up a major opportunity. Numerous operas are famous to the point that they’ve gone into popular society. Truth be told, you most likely definitely know more about operas than you might suspect. Here are some of the operas you […]

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What are the best opera houses in the world

Opera houses are some of the most precious architectural works that come into one’s mind. Most remarkable opera houses were not just built for tenors and sopranos but they were also built to showcase a country’s wealth, culture, and power. For those who are lovers of operas or they just love how an opera house […]

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Fascinating Facts about the Sydney Opera House

Any Australian you ask would probably tell you that the Opera House is among the most interesting places you could visit in the country. We take a look at some of the most fascinating facts about the Australian Attraction in Sydney and what makes it so popular among tourists. Who designed it? John Utzon did. […]

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