Europe’s Top 5 Opera Houses

Europe’s Top 5 Opera Houses

Teatro di San Carlo

Taking a trip to Italy for their glorious opera house in Naples is not to be missed. As the most seasoned in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, San Carlo is a genuine sight to be seen. The theater was amazingly inherent just a large portion of a year in 1737 and is celebrated for its marvelous acoustics, particularly thinking of it as’ so huge. It may be one of the greatest and most acclaimed yet San Carlo is somewhat more than only an opera house. It’s popular for having some very vocal individuals from the group of onlookers in front of an audience, yet then this is the place opera is most at home so it can be forgotten. On the off chance that you need some place greater and very much acted then travel north to La Scala in Milan yet in the event that you need a greater amount of an affair then this is your best wager.

Gran Teatre del Liceu

The area this time is Barcelona in Spain and the Gran Teatre del Liceu is one of the finest in the entire nation. Constructed in the Nineteenth Century, it’s not one of the most established in Europe but rather absolutely a standout amongst the most elite as far as exhibitions. It’s gigantic as well and after La Scala it’s the second-biggest in Europe. It has been the stepping ground for a significant number of the best opera vocalists in present-day theater and once housed a certain Jose Carreras in his more youthful days.

Wurttemberg State Theater

If the prize was for the loveliest building then the home of the Stuttgart State Opera would be in the number one spot. In the same way as other of the opera houses above and around Europe, the Second World War appeared to hit this theater hard. It was revamped after the war however the first building was finished in 1912 by architect Max Littmann. It’s one of the more unmistakable of theaters, as the established sections prop up the bended stone building which neglects an excellent lake. It situates 1400 individuals and is very much practiced in putting on some, if not all, of the greatest operatic shows in Germany.

Prague Estates Theater

This neo established theater in the Czech capital of Prague is popular for being the venue where a certain Amadeus Mozart initially directed an execution of his opus Don Giovanni. From that point forward it’s gone from quality to quality and established itself both in its own nation and crosswise over Europe similar to the best place to experience Mozart’s operas in the venue he cherished so profoundly.


It doesn’t come more bourgeoisie than Glyndebourne, UK. If ever you thought opera was only for the higher classes then… you’d be practically right in the event that you went on a night out to the well-known East Sussex opera theater. Settling in the dainty English wide open is the 700-year-old nation house that now has a general limit of in the ballpark of 1,200 opera significant others. The building has been given a major make-over throughout the most recent a quarter century in 1992 it opened its ways to another mind-boggling £34 million theater. A considerable measure of the cash originated from an incredible number of private benefactors so tragically they take need over a hefty portion of the seats. Be that as it may, for the individuals who feel they possess the right clothing (dark tie and night dress) then it yearly has he Glyndebourne Festival Opera and is a greater amount of a foundation and experience now than your normal opera house.

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